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To do in Milan: best tours, day trips and activities in Milano

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What to do in Milano Italy? All information about tours, activities, day trips and excursions in Milan. Tips for activities and fun things to do in Milan:

Tips for activities in Milan

All info about tours, activities and excursions in Milan. Tips for fun activities and things to do in Milan Italy:

1. Guided walking tours

Discover hidden spots of the city withf a guide in combination with beautiful stories about the city? Then take a walk through Milan with a guide:

2. Milan by bike

An easy way to discover much of Milan is by bicycle. Via BajaBikes you can book an interesting tour with an english guide, but the tours below are also interesting:

3. Top attractions

Have you already bought your tickets for the main Milan sights, such as the Duomo, La Scala and the The Last Supper?

4. Surroundings of Milan

In this article we tell you in detail about all the sights in the Milan area, such as the old town of Bergamo and the beautiful villages on Lake Como. These are the most popular organized day trips from Milan:

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