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Parco Sempione & Arco della Pace

The Milan Sempione Park and Arco della Pace

Parco Sempione

The Parco Sempione or Sempione Park is Milan's urban park, located between the Castello Sforzesco and the triumphal arch Arco della Pace. What to do in the Park?

Info & Tickets Parco Sempione Milano

Location Piazza Sempione, located between the Sforzesco Castle and the triumphal arch Arco della Pace.
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  • Park: Open daily from 6:30 am - 9:30 pm
  • Torre Branca: Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday 10:30 am - 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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Visit Milan's Sempione Park

The Sempione park is located in the middle of the city Milan, partly in the Sempione district and partly in the Castello district. Another park used to be located here, which mainly consisted of forest and where exotic animals of the Sforza family had their home. It was also used for a time as a site for military exercises when the army was based in Castello Sforzesco. The Castello Sforzesco is located in the southeastern part of the park. On the northwest side you will find the Arco della Pace, a tower with columns and many decorations built especially for Napoleon. The park attracts many walkers and people who want to get some fresh air when the weather is nice, but it is especially used in the summer, because then it is the ideal place to relax during a Milan city trip and to have a picnic with family or friends.

Parco SempioneParco Sempione in fromt of the Sforzesco Castle
triumphal arch milanThe triumphal arch 'Arco della Pace'

Why visit Parco Sempione?

While visiting Milan, Parco Sempione can be a pleasant addition to your itinerary. Before or after your visit to the Sforzesco Castle take a stroll around the pond to see all the impressions of the museums and the city itself. Take a nap on the grass, opening your eyes to gaze at the horses atop the Arco della Pace. It is a magical place to relax and enjoy the nature in the park. In the spring you can see trees blossom. And are you going in the fall? Then don't forget to bring your camera, because the trees take on beautiful autumn colors.

What to do in the Milan park?

Besides the aforementioned Arco della Pace and the Castello Sforzesco, the park has even more to offer. If you are visiting Milan with children, the Acquario Civico di Milano (website) will bring you a lot of fun. You will learn more about the underwater world and the building of the aquarium also attracts attention. Further, the municipal library (Biblioteca Parco Sempione) has a special appearance due to its open character on all books and facilities in the library. For travelers with small children there is Parco Giochi Castello, a playground with electric cars, a train, climbing frames, slides, swings and other attributes. Do you want to look over Milan city from the park? Then go to Torre Branca and climb the stairs (or take the elevator) up for a fantastic panoramic view (more info).

Torre BrancaThe Torre Branca in the Sempione Park
Park Sempione MilanView from the Torre Branca

Other activities in Parco Sempione

In the northeast corner, you will find the Palazzina Appiani (also called the Arena Civica or Arena Gianni Brera), where you can do activities on attend in the athletics track and playing field. It is also possible to enjoy musical events in the open air. In the southwestern part is still the Palazzo dell'Arte with the Triennale di Milano (periodic, international art exhibition) and in this museum you can view various objects related to design and architecture. See how designs have evolved over the years and discover the playfulness of the building itself and the artistic elements that surround the museum. Shapes, materials and colors provide new inspiration, even if you are not a furniture designer or architect yourself.

For a snack and a drink there is also a bar near the pond of the park. On a sunny day it is wonderful to relax on the terrace with a good cup of coffee or later in the day with an alcoholic drink. You can also enjoy a tasty pasta or fresh salad with delicious Italian burrata here.

Parco SempioneThe Palazzo dell'Arte located in the Sempione park
Parco Sempione MilanThe entrance to the Arena Civica of Milan Italy

Where is the Sempione park in Milan Italy?

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