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I Navigli district - Milan canals

Visit the Navigli canal district in Milan Italy (Milano)

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What to do in I Navigli, the canal district of Milano? Navigli is the area around the two canals of Milan with numerous terraces for an aperitivo.

Info I Navigli District Milano

Location Take the green metro line 2 to the P.TA Genova FS . stop

What to do in Milan's Navigli district?

Just within the ring of the real city center is the I Navigli district of Milan. South of this district is Viale Cassala and Viale Liguria, while the other two borders of Navigli consist of the canals Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese. In the middle of the district you will find a large, green area, which offers many recreational opportunities for residents of the district. But the favorite spot in what used to be the harbor area of Milan will still be on the water.

Visit the canals of I Navigli

In the characteristic district of I Navigli you will find many restaurants, bars and artisan shops. The water makes it seem more like you are sitting on an atmospheric canal. It is now an artistic hotbed with small studios and cozy markets. For example, there is an antique and flea market in Navigli and you can visit it every last Sunday of the month. The Merctino dell'Usato di Porta Genova is the perfect opportunity to further expand your vintage collection. If you visit Milan and the Navigli district several times, you will find something different every time to take back home. Good to know is that not only antique dealers have found this place to offer their goods, but also artists display their own work outside on the sidewalk in good weather (every last Sunday of the month, except July and August)

I NavigliI Navigli district, the nicest neighborhood in the evening
Navigli MilanI Navigli Milano, weekly antique market along the Milan canal

Aperitivo - typical for Milan

Would you like to have an aperitivo like the Milanese? There is plenty of choice with all the bars and restaurants that are located on the Navigli canals and where you not only get a drink, but usually also all kinds of tasty snacks. An aperitivo precedes the evening meal and in the past people often went to have an aperitivo with colleagues before going home. To fully follow the tradition, have an aperitivo of Negroni, Aperol Spritz or Prosecco and if you are lucky you will find yourself in a bar with snacks in buffet style. Here you can enjoy all the specialties for which Italy is so famous for a certain amount, from fresh pastas and pizzas to unbeatable cheeses and cold cuts.

Things to do around the Milan canals

Other places of interest in Navigli

To soak up the authentic atmosphere of this district, go to Vicolo dei Lavandai. It's probably hard to imagine, but the 15th century laundresses used to do their work in this alley. In the small houses - where artists now often take up residence - the laundry used to hang to dry. Historically, this old washing place deserves to be visited and luckily it is located in a special neighborhood where you will be happy to browse a little longer.

The Chiesa di San Cristoforo sul Naviglio, which is just outside the Navigli district Milan and on the canal, is also recommended. It is not a gigantic church, but the size and sober appearance is perhaps more impressive because of this. On the outside, the church is not very richly decorated with statues and frills, but once inside you will be amazed to absorb all the decorations. It's an intimate church and if you're there when it's quiet, you'll want to make it a special moment.

San Cristoforo sul NaviglioThe San Cristoforo sul Naviglio on the canal
navigli district milanThe old washing place 'Vicolo dei lavanda'

Where is the I Navigli district in Milan?

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