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Porta Nuova district Milan

Visit Milan's modern financial and business district

Porta Nuova Milan

Porta Nuova is the main business district of Milan. Visit this financial district if you want to experience the new and modern Milan.

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To reach the Puerta Nuova area, take the yellow metro line 3 to the Repubblica stop. Alternatively, take the green line 2 and get off at metro stop Garibaldi FS. You can use both metro stations as a starting point for a walk.

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The Porta Nuova business district

If you like modern architecture or are in Milan for business, visit Porta Nuova, which is located near the neighborhood Brera. This the most important financial and business district of Milan Italy and part of the district is designed as a pedestrian area, making it pleasant to walk. This gives you plenty of time to browse the windows of fashion boutiques and shops of various designers or to go inside for a souvenir or other purchase. There are also plenty of bars to provide people with energy again before setting out again.

Porta NuovaThe UniCredit business tower, the tallest building in Italy
Porta Nuova MilanThe central Piazza Gae Aulenti in the Porta Nuova district

History of Porta Nuova Milan

The original Porta Nuova (translated New Gate) was built in 1810 and is designed by Zanoia. The district thus owes its name to this construction. After many years of decay and a large area of unused train tracks and industrial sites, where the municipality was unable to renovate the area, the authorities decided to proceed with a new plan. In fourteen years' time, this is where the new-build project for the district emerged – with the cooperation of various foreign architects and investors. In 2005, the submitted designs were finally approved.

Bosco VerticaleThe Bosco Verticale residential towers in Porta Nuova Milano
Palazzo LombardiaThe high building of Palazzo Lombardia

Special buildings in Porta Nuova

Anyone who loves architecture can indulge themselves in the Porta Nuova district of Milan. For example, think of Piazza Gae Aulenti or Palazzo Lombardia. When you have time to go to the 39th floor of the Palazzo Lombardia, you will have beautiful views. In addition, there is the skyscraper UniCredit Tower. This is the tallest structure in all of Milan and it can adapt various lights to the property for special occasions. This gives it a special look when it is dark. Bosco Verticale is also an interesting building consisting of two residential towers. Can you imagine living in a residential tower with so much greenery? No fewer than 900 trees have been incorporated into the towers and the residents can use a combined surface of almost 9,000 square meters of terrace. From the outside this is already a magnificent building, what would it be like inside?

Where is the Porta Nuova district in Milan?

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